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EEECS Hackerspace

What is the Hackerspace ?

Many of the values and tenets of the free and open source software movement stem from 'hacker ethics' concerned primarily with sharing, openness, collaboration, and engaging in practical hands-on activities. The EEECS Hackerspace reflect this approach with a specific focus on hardware, business start-up and security. The Hackerspace is a hangout for students who enjoy the intellectual challenge of creatively investigating systems and engaging in hands-on activities in a spirit of innovation, playfulness and exploration.

Where is the Hackerspace ?

We are planning on re-establishing the Hackerspace in the CSB 2nd floor Innovation Lab.

Equipment available to loan in the Hackerspace

Hackerspace Equipment

We have a variery of equipment available to students for 'tinkering' including:


If you have any feedback or suggestions about the Hackerspace send an email to